Red Brass

Red brass is the most durable of all metals for the plumbing industry and commercial water pipe applications. It is excellent for resistance to dezincification and season cracking which most high copper brasses are known for. Dezincification Resistant Alloys (also known as DZR or DR Alloys) such as Red Brass C352 has a small amount of arsenic added to the alloy in order to prevent chlorinated water from leaching the zinc from your plumbing products which eventually leads to the weakening and cracking of your plumbing products.

Red brass is also specified for underground service lines since it offers great corrosion resistance to all types of potable waters, and has moderate strength and good retention of spring properties.

Red Brass Applications

  • Formed into fittings & nipples for carrying water in commercial plumbing and OEM applications.
  • Low cost bearing materials.

Red Brass Product Selection