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C84400 Leaded Semi-Red Brass (CDA 844, C844)
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C84400 Leaded Semi-Red Brass (CDA 844, C844)

Typical Uses for C84400 Leaded Semi-Red Brass:

C84400 is the most widely used alloy in the semi-leaded red brass family, known for its reasonable cost with good machining and casting properties. The lead content ensures pressure tightness. Red brass is also used for low-cost bearing materials under low loads. This group of alloys is typically found in plumbing applications. See more applications below. 

ARCHITECTURE: Ornamental Fixtures

BUILDERS HARDWARE: Door Hardware for Prisons, Hardware, Dead Bolt Locks, Cases for Dead Bolt Locks

BUILDING: Cooling Equipment, Heating Equipment

CONSUMER: Musical Instruments

ELECTRICAL: Electrical Equipment

INDUSTRIAL: Valves, Valves for Water Meters, Low-Pressure Fittings, Valve Bodies for the Water Industry, Valve Seat, Pump Fixtures

MARINE: Marine Hardware, Boat Parts, Nuts for Transducers

PLUMBING: Fixtures, Pipe Fittings

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