Brass Alloys

Aviva Metals has a long family heritage in the manufacture of extruded brass alloys.  We have direct familial ties to the largest brass and bronze extrusion mill in Southern Africa.  With our modern and versatile mills producing a broad range of extruded brass, copper and wrought bronze alloys in rod, bar, tube, rectangles, wire, hollow bars, and profiles, we have a strong competitive edge.

Our in-house design and maintenance of brass alloy provides exceptional quality and craftsmanship, which extends to servicing even the most demanding of applications.  One of the most significant aspects of our mill is the fact that we have four extrusion presses utilizing indirect and direct extrusion processes maximizing our range of capabilities in providing a wide variety of alloys, shapes and sizes.

We carry a wide range of brasses including Lead Free, Red Brass, Dezincification resistant machine brass and many more.  Select your brass alloy and request a quote for a quick response!

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