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995 Stem Bronze
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Shapes Available

995 Stem Bronze

Aviva Metals manufactures a large range of sizes for 995 Corrosion Resistant Lead Free DZR Bronze at our foundry in Lorain (Cleveland), Ohio.

NBM 995 stem bronze can be used in iron body valves where dezincification is a problem. 995 stem bronze has superior mechanical properties and a better machinability rating than CDA 65500 Silicon Bronze, and CDA 69430 Red Silicon Bronze, and C67600 Manganese Bronze alloys.

995 stem bronze can also be heat treated to meet the most demanding applications, where even higher mechanical properties are required than those stated.

995 stem bronze is available in a solid bar form, 1/2 inch through 6 inches diameter, and other sizes and shapes can easily be produced upon request. Samples of this material are readily available for your testing and evaluations.

Aviva Metals has a brand new ultramodern CNC machine shop capable of supplying finished parts to print, and can produce , hold inventories and release material in full accordance with your production schedule.

We look forward to working with you.

Typical Uses for NBM 995 "Stem Bronze":

Most widely used in flow control marine applications where corrosion resistance and high strength is critical.
- Walter Supply Systems
- Valve stems/Guides/Seats/Collets
- Forging/Heading/Upsetting/Machining - Screw Machining
- Pole-Line Hardware, Bolts - Marine Hardware, Propeller Wheels
- Gears for Mining Equipment

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Section Size: 2 in.
Tensile Strength: 70,000 Psi
Yield Strength (0.5% Eul): 40,000 Psi
Elongation: 12%
Machinability Rating: 50% (Free Cutting Brass=100%)
Hot Forging Rating: 75% (Forging Brass=100%)

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