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Aviva Model 3
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Aviva Model 3

Free Machining D.Z.R. “Lead Free” Brass

(No Bismuth / No Silicon or other user unfriendly elements)

Since January 2010, the USA Plumbing has replaced traditional free machining brass (C36000) with a lead free alternatives. This requirement is backed by legislation enacted in the states of California (California Health & Safety Code, “AB 1953”) and Vermont State (Senate Bill “S.0152”).  In 2011 Congress passed the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act (RLDWA) revising the definition of lead free by lowering the maximum lead content of the wetted surfaces of plumbing products (such as pipes, pipe fittings, plumbing fittings and fixtures) from 8% to a weighted average of 0.25%, establishing a statutory method for the calculation of lead content and  eliminating the requirement that lead free products be in compliance with voluntary standards established in accordance with SDWA 1417(e) for leaching of lead from new plumbing fittings and fixtures.

In response to the above initiatives Aviva Metals is proud to announce the development of Aviva Model 3 Free Machining DZR (Dezincification-Resistant) “Lead Free” Brass which has patents pending for North America and has already received patents in several European countries, and with patents pending in various other countries. We have been involved with R&D on this Free Machining DZR Lead Free Brass alternative, and now we have the solution that we believe is far superior to any other lead free brass being offered anywhere in the world!

Our Aviva Model 3 Free Machining DZR “Lead Free” Brass proves to meet manufacturer’s expectations in numerous ways inclusive of the fact that it is readily and easily recyclable, as it will not contaminate leaded brasses. Aviva Model 3 Free Machining DZR “Lead Free” Brass has excellent machinability, 90% min (when compared to C360 Brass), and has mechanical properties similar to traditional free cutting brasses. It also has outstanding conductivity 37% IACS min (45% higher than C360 Brass) and does not contain Silicon, Bismuth, or Arsenic. It also thread rolls very well, can be easily hot forged and plates like copper.

Aviva Metals plans to sell this new alloy in a very complete size range from 3/32” (2.38mm) diameter to 16” (405mm) diameter solid bars, hexes and squares up to 4” (101mm).  We intend to also sell hollow bars within the same size ranges (based on our customers specification), and ingots will be available for re-melting for use in sand and permanent mold casting applications.

Compliant With

  • California “AB 1953”
  • NSF 61
  • Annex G
  • SDWA 1417

Model 3 compared to C36000


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