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C65620 Silicon Bronze (AMS 4616)
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C65620 Silicon Bronze (AMS 4616)

ASTM 4616

C65620 is a special high strength silicon bronze; the addional iron content provides added strength in conjunction with the self lubricity of the silicon for excellent bearing and load properties. C65620 / AMS 4616 is easily machined into ball bearing cage assemblies!

Typical Uses for C65620 Silicon Bronze:

AUTOMOTIVE: Automotive Rectifiers

ELECTRICAL: Transistor Component Bases, High Resistance-Ratio Cryogenic Shunts, Bus Conductors, Wave Guides, Hollow Conductors, Anodes for Vacuum Tubes, Coaxial Cable, Coaxial Tube, Klystrons, Microwave Tubes, Bus Bars, Lead-in Wire, Vacuum Seals, Conductors, Glass-to-Metal Seals

Sizes Available From NBM

SOLID BAR: 5/8" - 4 1/2" diameter

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