Nickel Aluminum Bronze Alloys

Nickel aluminum bronze alloys contain 5 to 11 percent aluminum, as well as additions of iron and nickel for strength. Increasing the aluminum content of bronze results in higher strength. These nickel aluminum bronze alloys are used for bushings, bearings, wear plates, and hydraulic valve components. Nickel aluminum bronze is available in rod, tube, and plate forms.

Applications for Nickel Aluminum Bronze

The various types of nickel aluminum bronze alloys are a popular choice for industrial applications such as landing gear bushings and bearings for the aerospace industry, propeller hubs, wear rings, and hardware for the marine industry, a piping for vertical pump columns, firefighting and fire suppression systems, and seawater lift pumps for the oil and gas industry, hydraulic bushings for earth moving equipment, as well as many other applications. This is due specifically to the addition of nickel which improves the corrosion resistance of the already versatile aluminum bronze alloys. Iron acts as a grain refiner and increases tensile strength without diminishing its excellent ductility and toughness.

Nickel Aluminum Bronze Alloys Product Selection