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C17500 Copper (CDA 175)
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Shapes Available

C17500 Copper (CDA 175)

SAE J461, ASTM B441, ASTM B534

C17500/C17510 offers a combination of high electrical and thermal conductivity with good strength compared to most copper based alloys. C17500 alloy is the mirror image of alloy C17510 in terms of its properties and characteristics. The beryllium copper differ in that C175 specifies a cobalt alloying addition (2.40-2.70%) and alloy 17510 specifies a nickel alloying addition (1.40-2.20%), but their performance are the same.

Sizes Available From NBM

SOLID BAR: 1/4" . 6" diameter

RECTANGLES: 3/8" x 1/2" . 1" x 3" thickness x width

SQUARES: 3/8" . 3" square

PLATES: 2" . 5" thickness

DISCS & RINGS: forged to size

HONED TUBES: up to 4" OD

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